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Chinese medicine is a 3,500 year-old medical system that re-establishes and maintains the overall balance of our bodies and minds by harmonizing the balance and flow of "Qi" (life-force energy) and vital substances in the body. Chinese medicine improves overall well-being while treating specific conditions with virtually no side effects. acupuncture needles

Many of us lead hurried stressful lives, fraught with overwork, poor eating habits, and lack of sleep and exercise. We rarely take enough time for ourselves-- to pause, unwind, and recharge. We live on stress and adrenaline, often without even realizing it. This causes our Qi to become depleted, damaged, and blocked.

Stress can fuel us and drive us forward, but when left unchecked, it can be debilitating and can severely undermine the quality of our lives. It causes our bodies to tighten up physically, energetically, and mentally. When this happens, Qi and vital substances don't flow smoothly in our bodies- causing tight neck and shoulders, high blood pressure, headaches, unclear thinking, insomnia, digestive problems, menstrual problems, anger, frustration, and more.

My goal as a Chinese medicine practitioner is to help ease your aches and pains, treat your ailments, and put you on a path towards improved health. The gentle approach I acquired through years of study and living in Japan focuses on creating a sense of peace and quiet - allowing you to feel calmer, more relaxed, less stressed, refreshed and energized. By gently leading your body and mind to a relaxed state, the treatment can be better absorbed, and your body can begin to heal itself in a natural, organic, and therefore lasting way.

Services also available in Japanese.